ESD Sling in ranger green

Ny smidig vapenrem!

  • Artnr: ESD-sling-RG
  • I lager:4 st
  • Enhet: st

Beskrivning av artikel

ESD-selen är mycket anpassningsbar för alla gevär, automatkarbin, hagelgevär, jaktgevär.

Det finns två justeringssektioner. En sektion för justering bak för att anpassa vapenremen till din kroppsstorlek och extra utrustning. Och en snabbjusteringsdel för att lossa eller dra åt remmen medan den används.

ESD-justeringssystemet är mer anpassningsbart till naturlig kroppsrörelse och kroppsmekanik. Remens 1-tums bredd har mindre friktion än dom bredare, vilket gör att ESD vapenremmen kan röra sig fritt över kroppen utan motstånd.

The Edgar Sherman Design Sling, ESD Sling, was designed with purpose, research extreme testing, and experience. The ESD Sling is adaptable to the end-user. The ESD Sling is highly customizable to any rifle, sub-gun, shotgun, hunting rifle, bolt action, and PDW weapon system. There are two adjustment sections on the ESD sling. A rear adjustment section to fit the ESD sling to your body size and additional gear. And a quick-adjust section to loosen or tighten the sling while in use. The ESD Sling adjustment system is more adaptable to natural body movement and body mechanics. The 1-inch width of the ESD sling has less friction than wider slings and allows the ESD sling to move across your body without resistance.

The ESD sling has a new updated elastic regulator preventing webbing from twisting or jamming when adjusting. This elastic has a natural pull tab that allows the sling to be folded upon itself and stored tightly on the weapon system. This feature is great for patrol vehicle storage or bag/pack/case storage. Simply pull on the ESD Sling to deploy the sling to its full length.

Key Features

  • NEW MK 1.5 updated elastic is featured on all slings to quicken and ease the stowing functionality of the sling.
  • NEW MK 1.5 updated tags for a cleaner, more legible, and higher fade-resistant logo
  • NEW MK 1.5 Made in USA and Berry Amendment Compliant tag hid in the rear section of the sling
  • ESD Pull Tab featured on all slings! Enhanced grip for easier adjustability.
  • Quick-adjust moves naturally in both opening and closing
  • Super lightweight
  • Streamline design
  • Can fold into itself for vehicle operations and quickly be released from storage
  • Hand-made in the USA
  • Berry Amendment compliant materials
  • 20+inches of adjustment in the rear section of the strap
  • Open Ends: This means that you will have an ITW tri-glide on each end of the sling to secure your attachment method. You could add any connection method for your rifle that you’d like and if needed trim the sling to your size (this is standard on most rifle slings).